Childrens Dentistry

At Finaghy Dental Practice, we spend a lot of time with parents and children, talking about dental health. We are keen to take away the fear that other generations may have had about coming to the dentist, from our younger patients. We feel that if time is taken, early in a childs life, to discuss diet, tooth brushing, and fluoride advice and how to prevent future dental problems, it will save a lot of grief for everyone in the future.

We like to see children from around 2 years of age onwards, just to let them begin to get comfortable with our surroundings, get some stickers and have some fun. This visit also gives us a chance to listen to any concerns that the parents may have regarding their childs dental health. Essentially, time is taken with your childrens dental health. Our aim is for your children to need minimal dental intervention in the coming years.