If a patient loses a tooth, or has a gap, often the best way of filling that gap is to place an implant. By doing so, we do not have to touch/interfere with the teeth on either side of the gap. An implant is, in effect, an artificial root of a tooth, placed in the bone by the dentist, left 3 months to 'fuse' with the bone, and then used to carry a new post and crown. They are often the best option for the following reasons.

1). The teeth adjacent to the space can be left untouched (compared to when a conventional bridge is made).
2). It is the strongest option.
3). It has a very high success rate > 97%.
4). The aesthetics/looks of the finished job are excellent.
When patients are missing all their teeth, several implants can be placed and used to carry a full set of teeth', thereby getting rid of dentures, and greatly improving taste, biting ability, confidence and appearance.